About ASA:

Organization Review
Azerbaijanian Sociological Association (ASA) is a public non-governmental organization, which is occupied with conduction of  sociological and opinion researches.ASA was founded and registered by the Ministry of Justice of Azerbaijan in 1996. Azerbaijanian Sociological Association is a member of the International Sociological Association (ISA). ASA is officially registered on the  PADOR,on the World Bank DACON Center and World Bank Online Vendor Service.

ASA conducts the "full cycle" research - from instrument design and data collection to analysis and presentation of results of researches in Azerbaijan and abroad in the following fields:

  • politics (electoral and approvement ratings, protest activity, etc.); 
  • social (education, employment, health care, family, corruption, etc.);
  • business (finance and insurance, real estate and construction, trademarks, branding and reputation management, IT, media research, sports industry, automobile market, etc.). more1


ASA carries out projects in the following areas:

Political Research

Political research is done via weekly monitoring, which allows us to track socio-political processes dynamically, quickly determine changes in public opinion, study problematic backgrounds, and forecast political developments in the country. Our research includes:  

  • Analysis of public opinion concerning urgent questions of foreign and domestic policy;
  • Study of populations’ reaction to social and political reforms as well as political events;
  • Assessments of the people’s social health and its effect on political mood;
  • Study of society’s political and ideological values;
  • Assessing the activity of different government bodies and political institutions.

Political research is also carried out when needed:

To obtain timely information on the political situation in a separate administrative education for managerial decision making in various fields of social life.

One of the main directions of research are:

  • Satisfaction rating authority residents of the country;
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of local governments;
  • Sociological monitoring of the situation in the municipality.

Socio-economic Research

Socio-economic research is one of the most important areas of activity at ASA. Here we study the phenomena that lie at the intersection of the social and economic spheres of society. Moreover, while conducting marketing and socio-political research there is a need for information about the level of socio-economic development, the population’s quality of life (urban, rural, etc.), local problems, and the peculiarities of people’s economic behavior. The main source of such information is social research.

Social research conducting by ASA is intricate and comprehensive. Studies are directed towards the analysis of complicated social processes in the country and examine the spectrum of problems concerning changes in social structure and the configuration of social consciousness.

Subjects for Socio-economic research include:

  • Changes in values of the people;
  • Family structure (transformation of the family institution, attitude towards the problem of orphans, perception of adoption);
  • Satisfaction with living conditions, housing and communal services, and the attitude of the people to changes in the housing sphere;
  • Assessment of educational service quality (public schools, vocational training, higher education), and changes in the educational sphere;
  • Quality of medical services;
  • The realization of national projects;
  • The perception and extent of corruption in the country.


Sociological Expertise of the Objects of the Intellectual Property

ASA conducts sociological expertise of the objects of intellectual property using scientific opinion polling. It is essential to know the attitudes of real products consumers to prove the position in administrative and judicial bodies.

Research areas:

  • sociological expertise of the knowledge of brands, trademarks and service marks;
  •  sociological expertise of similarities between brands, trademarks and service marks to the degree of mixture;
  • sociological expertise of distinctive feature of marking;
  • defining the degree of similarity of goods and services;
  •  sociological expertise of advertising to comply with the law.  

Studies of the People’s Financial Behavior

A division of ASA is specialized in the study of the behavior, strategies, and motivations of financial services consumers in our country.

For banks, we offer research devoted to reviews of the banking market and its segments, analysis of leading banks, and conditions for rendering of bank services as well as customer satisfaction with banking services.

For insurance companies, we offer research on the popularity of insurance companies, analysis of insurance market, comparative analysis of offered services, and quality assessment of customer service which gives information to help improve the competitiveness of insurance companies in the market.

For investment companies, we offer research on target consumer groups, study of their awareness and readiness to use different investment instruments, and the peculiarities of their behavior in the investment services market.

For public and governmental institutions, we conduct research on the state of the financial market and people’s attitude towards financial institutes. Research is aimed at both describing the current social situation and making suggestions for the future.

Marketing Research

ASA has a dedicated division for researching corporate image and analyzing commodity and corporate brands. Such information is essential for all top administrators making managerial decisions in the most important fields of any modern company: PR, HR and Marketing.

For PR Specialists we offer assessments of corporate identity from a wide range of interested audiences and influential groups such government officials, media, and the investment and business communities. ASA has specially tailored its unique set of methods for studying corporate reputation and evaluating services which enhance the effectiveness of PR programs in order to specially suite the modern PR professional, giving them everything they need to know in order to make their company stand out.

For HR Specialists we have created a system to assess the corporate culture of a company and study the organization’s image as an employer. For Marketers and Brand Managers we present research products oriented towards the promotion of corporate and commodity brands. We have created a set of methods for analyzing the effectiveness of marketing programs and increases in advertisement expenditure, as well as assessments of offered services and anything else the company may require.

Research Methods

ASA is conducting research utilizing both qualitative and quantitative approaches. Among our techniques, are:

  • Personal Interviews
  • Focus Groups
  • In-Depth Interviews
  • Expert Polls
  • Online Research
  • Hall Tests
  • Phone Interviews (CATI)
  • Desk Research
  • Testing Goods, Packaging, and Advertisements
  • Diary Research
  • Retail Trade Audit
  • Mystery Shopping, etc.

Among most commonly used research analysis techniques, that are used by our professionals, are:

  • Descriptive Statistic Data Analysis
  • Multidimensional Data Analysis (Factor, Cluster Analysis, Correspondence Analysis, Multidimensional Scaling, Multiple Regression)
  • Regression Correlation Analysis
  • Statistic Testing Of Hypotheses
  • Modeling
  • Typologization
  • Quantitative Analysis Of Focus Group Content And In-Depth Interviews, etc.

Areas of Research

National network of interviewers – 350 people.

Specialized program for sample construction and weighing data. 

Quality Control

Depending on the method that was utilized in the course of research, various quality control techniques are used in the process. As ASA’s organization of the data collection and analysis is based on the highest levels of quality control in all associated aspects, the Center carries out a number of specific steps in order to guarantee the quality of its work.Thus, the Center provides a Random 20% Quality Control and a 100% Questionnaire Validation.

Interviewer Briefing and Training
Interviewer teams are specially trained for the research project. Mock interviews are compulsory for the sessions to ensure full understanding of the questionnaire. Such (mock) interviews provide the interviewers with the genuine experience with the particular study and will allow the ASA professionals to better adjust their knowledge and experience to the requirements of the study. On completion of interviewer training, all interviewers interview one of the field supervisors to ensure that they fully understand the interview process. Upon the training, interviewers are provided with a feedback and recommendations on specifics of carrying out the study.

The questionnaires are piloted prior to the survey phase, on a small sample of population. Instrument piloting is held upon item response analysis and ensures that the instrument is adequate to the planned study.

Random 20% Quality Control
Twenty percent of interviews go through a telephone quality control procedure. The procedure checks for the sampling, respondent qualification, length of interview, key questions, attitudes and professionalism of the interviewers.

100% Questionnaire Validation
At this stage a series of logics checks that were built into the questionnaire is analyzed.  Experienced field supervisors check and validate each question in each questionnaire. Logic checks are scrutinized for contradictory data collection.

Data processing
Data entry and its coding are also quality controlled. At a minimum, 10% of the coded questionnaires per coder per day shall be back-checked by the team supervisor

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