About ASA :

Organization Review
Azerbaijanian Sociological Association (ASA) is a public non-governmental organization, which is occupied with conduction of  sociological and opinion researches.ASA was founded and registered by the Ministry of Justice of Azerbaijan in 1996. Azerbaijanian Sociological Association is a member of the International Sociological Association (ISA). ASA is officially registered on the  PADOR,on the World Bank DACON Center and World Bank Online Vendor Service.

ASA conducts the "full cycle" research - from instrument design and data collection to analysis and presentation of results of researches in Azerbaijan and abroad in the following fields:

  • politics (electoral and approvement ratings, protest activity, etc.); 
  • social (education, employment, health care, family, corruption, etc.);
  • business (finance and insurance, real estate and construction, trademarks, branding and reputation management, IT, media research, sports industry, automobile market, etc.). more1


  • World Bank;
  • UNDP;
  • UNFPA;
  • UNHCR;
  • Open Society Institute;
  • CHF;
  • Mercy Corps International;
  • Pathfinder International;
  • Statoil;
  • Resource and Training Center of UNDP for Non-governmental Organizations;
  • Central Election Committee of Azerbaijan;
  • Forum of Non-Governmental Organizations of Azerbaijan;
  • “LIDER” television channel;
  • American University, Washington D.C. USA;
  • German Technical Cooperation;
  • International Committee of the Red Cross;
  • International Relief and Development;
  • USAID;
  • Asian Development Bank;
  • Leader Women Association of Azerbaijan;
  • Azerbaijanian Fund for Democratic Elections.
  • Science Development Fund of Azerbaijan ;
  • Azerbaijanian Fund to support the development of NGOs;
  • Azerbaijanian Fund of Aid for Youth.

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